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strucutral engineers and architects for our headquarter in Pfarrkirchen

Statics is the premise for an economical master plan

Statics is more than the mathematical breakdown of the load-bearing capacity of one certain object. Where statics is concerned, the consulting engineer has to employ his competence, know how and experience, while also considering the economical components of the the building along with issues of visual appearance and functionality. Statics is a dynamic process where spaces for living are coupled with emotional elements and structures to form one unity.

To enable us to satisfy our customers requirements and to realise our customers visions we have to maintain an extensive knowledge of the latest information and developments, determine the trends with foresight and couple our approach to finding economic solutions along with our know-how and expertise.

We welcome you to IGK, your engineering agency for integrated planning and building.
Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Kfm. Theodor Klein
CEO - Shareholder
Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Lindinger
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